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Great things about hunting, some of the great animals in the world

The walk and stalk hunting method is the typical way of hunting lions. Usually, you will be accompanied by a professional hunter and a native tracker. You will then track the lion, stalk it and kill it. This is a very exciting but dangerous way of hunting, offering the game fair chase in every way. If your first shot isn’t lethal, the lion will get vindictive and sometimes it charges right away. At other times it will run off and then lie and wait, which is the most dangerous situation of the two. Because when you are out looking for a wounded lion, it can suddenly charge out of nowhere. When hunting a male lions, the baiting method is also a well-used method of hunting. When baiting, you hang up a carcass in an area known to have lions and make sure that it’s placed high enough that Hyenas won’t have access to it. Then you build a hunting blind between 30 and 50 yards from the bait and wait until you spot a hungry lion. This method of hunting only works on male lions or very hungry lionesses. The lioness prefers to hunt down live prey, while the male lion prefer having its meals served.

Buffalo hunting is fun

The summersaulting and screaming stopped as suddenly as it started. We were all ready for something that was never going to happen, not today in any case. The single old Lioness passed onto greener pastures where thousands of Buffalo calf’s awaited her. The emotion of hunting this magnificent queen of the beasts is hard to describe, and I appreciated Becky now showing the respect she holds for hunting Africa’s Dangerous Game. To track Lions, and Lioness in Southern Africa must be rated as one of the most exhilarating hunting experiences in modern Africa today. The hunting of the big cats is of course controversial, from both inside and outside our community. The reality is, still, that your money pays for the conservation of the species. If it pays it stays, and THAT is why we still have a legal quota to hunt…..at least today!

Trophy hunting some of the worlds greates species

Fortunately, trophy hunting has helped to provide the species with habitat preservation and increased security against poachers. Which in turn has given the species an opportunity to increase its population and the population has been and is steadily increasing every year because of this. UniqueHunting is a strong supporter of helping the African elephants and we are currently offering guided trophy hunts near the Kruger National Park in the Limpopo province of South Africa and Gaza in Mozambique. The African elephant is divided into two subspecies, the bush elephant and the forest elephant, with the bush elephant being the larger of the two. The bush elephant is primarily found on the savannah while the forest elephant is found the same place as the name suggests, in forest areas. It is one of the Big 5 game animals of Africa. Hunters have desired to harvest this creature for many years because of its size, beautiful trophy and the hearth-racing experience that only a Big 5 animal can produce. Elephant hunting is a dangerous endeavor, but nevertheless it is a once in a lifetime experience that every hunting enthusiast should get to enjoy. If you are on a budget, try looking for a cow and/or tuskless elephant hunt, as these hunts can be done for a much better price than when hunting a bull with tusks.

Compared to all of Africa’s hunted game, the Cape buffalo is the most unpredictable and dangerous species, it is responsible for more than 200 human deaths each year. If they perceive you as a threat, they will stop at nothing to take you out and the first shot fired is very important. A well placed headshot, using a big caliber rifle might stop a 500 - 1000 kilogram animal, but in many instances it won’t. These animals are not called Black Death for nothing, their horns are big and deadly, but their boss is known to stop bullets from penetrating. They don’t die easily and if your first shot doesn’t hit the vital organs, the beast might charge at you with deadly intend at 56 kilometers per hour. However, the most dangerous hunting situation is if your first shot isn’t placed correctly and the bull runs for cover. Because when you are out looking for the bull, it can suddenly charge from thick cover and surprise you, this has been the death of many hunters. The danger of the Cape buffalo cannot be emphasized enough, they have the capability and the willingness to tear you apart and this is not something to take lightly.

Hunting Method for elephant hunting

They have poor eyesight and hearing, but are quite easily scared and should always be approached upwind and with great caution. While the bulls (males) are relatively tolerant, the cows (females) will not hesitate to attack if disturbed, especially when they have young calves. Elephants are quite dangerous when wounded or continuously pursued, but are helpless if you’ve wounded just a single knee. If you see it stop feeding it can be a sign it has spotted you and you should stand absolutely still. If it flaps its ears forward, it’s a sign it hasn’t seen you.

Along with the elephant, rhino, leopard and lion, the Cape buffalo is categorized as one of the big five. It is an extremely unpredictable aggressive animal and it will start charging with the intent to kill at anything it perceives as a threat. Needless to say, it can be dangerous to hunt the Black Death, even when using a rifle. You can just imagine what using a bow and arrow would be like. Bow hunting this creature is an extremely dangerous adventure as this beast is large and is made of thick bones and tough tissue. If you are hunting the Cape buffalo, also known as the Black Death, you will need to be mentally and physically prepared. Bow hunting the Cape buffalo is exciting compared to rifle hunting due to the fact that the level of difficulty is much higher. You get to enjoy your trophy so much more, since more effort was put into it. Bow hunting puts you in a different league of hunters, bow hunting requires such elevated levels of skill, alertness, technique and shot placement. One wrong move could kill you. Since bow hunting requires precise and accurate placement of the arrow, it is important to prepare on what to do if your shot isn’t lethal. The wrong placement of the arrow will result in an extremely threatened and dangerous Cape buffalo.